After I fell in love with ALWERO slippers myself, I started looking for more information about this company. I was surprised that ALWERO was only available on a very small scale in the Netherlands. After contacting the brand, I found out that there was an interest in a distributor in the Netherlands and Belgium. Would that be something for me? To find out, I went to the place where the products are made: the ALWERO factory in Poland. A drive through the beautiful Polish countryside took me to the factory. After a warm welcome and a pleasant conversation about a possible collaboration between ALWERO and me, I was allowed to see the new collection and "try it out". At lunchtime, Alwero's boss had a surprise. She took me to a beautiful place on top of a mountain with a view over a beautiful lake. Here we enjoyed Polish delicacies and… we decided to work together! I went home the next day with a satisfied feeling. I will become a distributor for ALWERO!


As they say at ALWERO: “We are the wool factory. We are not a large retail chain. We are people who live close to nature. ALWERO means respect for nature, people and traditions. We are proud of our team. It is thanks to their knowledge, skills and dedication that ALWERO products are more than textiles: they are woolen crafts. ” The family business originated in the late 1990s from the need to create something. In the middle of nature, in the south of Poland, where sheep graze in the mountains, ALWERO finds the unique raw material that it's all about: raw wool. Over the years, the family has gained a lot of experience and specializes in making woolen clothing and accessories. By combining old traditions and technical innovation, ALWERO creates a world of comfort. Knowledge, craftsmanship and a love for wool have ensured that ALWERO products are appreciated worldwide.


ALWERO products are made of 100% wool. Without the addition of synthetic fibers: durable and breathable. Wool is warm, comfortable and does not sweat. The wool has a fine structure and can therefore breathe well. This makes the products suitable for all seasons. Besides slippers, ALWERO makes a wide variety of wool products: scarves, cardigans, blankets, etc. For adults and children.

For sizes and measurements, please refer to the below size chart:

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