My approach to designing clothes changed when I became Bertil's mother in 2018. An awareness of the abundance that global clothing production contributes to and the CO2 footprint it puts on our planet became the inspiration for a new way of making children's clothes.
Responsibility, quality and timeless design are key words that define our clothes. At Flöss, you will find Scandinavian aesthetics adapted to a child's life. Our clothes are child-friendly and created in neutral colors combined with classic prints. We work with certified ecological qualities, which ensure proper working conditions for both the planet and those who create it. And we see it as our task to find new ways to give the clothes that we send out into the world a longer lifespan. We want Flöss clothes to be inherited for generations.
Of this, Flöss was put into the world. 
True size, we suggest you to choose the size on the real height of your little ones.

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