Kim Le thé launched Studio Bohème in 2017. She then imagined a line of organic essentials for baby and dust off the famous bodysuit. Until then confined to an underwear role, it is displayed so proudly on top. Then little by little, Kim expands her range of small soft and conscious clothing. Today, Studio Bohème offers a complete universe for 0-6 years old, while being true to its original style and values. Products that appears minimalist with signature details such as a draped cuff or a
neckline with raw edges, eco-friendly materials from organic farming and constant work to reduce its ecological footprint.


After ten years in the luxury world, Kim realizes that she no longer wishes to endorse this mode of consumption. Always more, never enough… It's time to slow down for our well-being and of the planet's. At the birth of his son Romeo, she conjugates his love of colors and materials to his ecological sensitivity and spear Studio Bohème, a line of organic clothing for 0-3 years old. Aware of not being perfect but eager to constantly improve, this mother of three children IFM graduate sincerely creates a ethical fashion for the little ones.

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